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Radon Testers, Inc. is one of the largest radon testing companies in Illinois.  We take pride in being known for our excellent customer service whether testing for radon in your home, school, or commercial property.  When the State of Illinois took over licensing the radon industry in 1998, both Ron and Sarah Bowers saw the need for a company that solely provided testing services. Radon Testers, Inc. was created at that time and soon thereafter, the nickname of “Radon Ron” was coined. To this day, the owner, Sarah Bowers, is seeking ways to constantly improve how she answers to the needs of her clients and the quality of the industry.  

Where we test

We proudly serve the Chicagoland area and parts of Northwest Indiana. Radon Testers is licensed to test residential and commercial properties, including schools and childcare facilities. We also have the equipment and experience required to reliably test properties with several foundations.

Meet Sarah Bowers

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  • Licensed by IEMA
  • NRPP Certified
  • Licensed by Indiana Department of Health

her VISION, Mission & Goals

Our vision is to create safer living environments by providing efficient and accurate radon testing services. It is our mission as a company to treat our clients as we want to be treated. The goal is to raise awareness about the risks of radon exposure so that individuals, schools, and businesses are empowered to take proactive steps in mitigating this potential health hazard. Radon Testers, Inc. aims to contribute to healthier homes and workplaces.

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